Australia’s Got Talent 2013

Coco The Miniature Pig on Australia’s Got Talent – yes, you heard it here!  I think I was born to be on TV.  Getting through the Producers’ Audition with flying colours, it was a ‘no brainer’ really, as I dazzled them with my tricks and not to mention my stunning looks.  I rolled out the red carpet, jumped through a hoop, I even gave them a bit of a wave.  I was so proud of my efforts at the next round too which everyone at home got to see on their TV. I couldn’t wait to watch it myself with my family, just to see if TV really makes you gain 10 pounds!  Thank you for having me on Australia’s Got Talent.  I had an Oink of a time!

Jackson the Dancing Poodle and I made it into the local newspaper!!

Jackson the Dancing Poodle and I

Training for Australia’s Got Talent