About Me


NAME:    Coco The Miniature Pig  Coco's Website Pic

BREED:     Australian Miniature Pig

SEX:     Female

DOB:     18 December 2011


Around the same size as a Labrador Retriever but I’m stockier and heavier.

I’M GORGEOUS.  I’m intelligent and love to learn new things, I can be a sook. I’m very attached to those closest to me, but I don’t care too much for people I don’t know.

I’m nothing like a dog, I am a pig, and when working with me I appreciate it when you take into consideration my little habits.  I have been known to be “pig headed” and I sometimes leave my area looking like a “pig sty”.  When I say “hello” I use my snout to nudge at your legs, just so you know I’m there!  I use my voice to communicate and if you hang around me long enough, you will soon be speaking “pig”!  And as I am so smart, I understand more of your words than I let you know!  And don’t get me to do something I’m not ready to do – GOT IT!!  But when I do learn something new, you will be amazed!!

I also like to use my snout to investigate things and uproot the ground.  To keep cool I have built a mud dam and I enjoy a good old roll in it.

From 8 weeks of age I have been going out and about and experiencing new people and places.  I’m used to working on-set and I am comfortable in most environments (as long as Ann is with me).

I love the camera and being in the spot light.

I live on a beautiful property and share a quarter acre with my Mini Goat friends, Arkie, Archie and Sally.  Our shelter is built for a King (or 3 goats and pig).  In the winter I like to keep warm, so I build a nest out of straw and blankets – I think it may be where the saying “pig in a blanket” comes from.

You thought Labradors had an insatiable appetite – well I’m even more food motivated, I love food!

My main diet consists of lots of fruit and veges, my favourites being strawberries and grapes.


As I am a celebrity, I am available for events and media work.
You can book with my agent Animal Talent Time on Ph 02 9541 1266!