Animal Talent Time

Animal Talent Time

I have lots of fun visiting different places, meeting new people and learning new tricks!  My agent, Animal Talent Time Agency Sydney, believes the next big part for me is just around the corner!  You can check out my portfolio at the agency here!

My Labrador Retriever friends, Aussie and Matilda, think they are the “stars” but it won’t be long until I’m as clever as they are!

Did you know I can:-

  • sit
  • shake hands
  • wave
  • jump through a hoop
  • run through a tunnel
  • ride a skateboard
  • roll out a carpet
  • push a trolley
  • play soccer
  • play ten pin bowls
  • push a pram
  • press the buttons on my own “piggy bank ATM”
  • pull down a flag

I love learning, it is so much fun, and of course there are the treats which Ann gives me.  My favourite treats are strawberries and grapes, closely followed by apples and carrots.

At the moment I am learning how to play soccer, pretty cool for a pig “oink oink”.


As I am a celebrity, I am available for events and media work.
You can book with my agent
Animal Talent Time on Ph 02 9541 1266!